Over the past decade, we have successfully engaged with many of Perth’s premier construction companies to develop a variety of large-scale mixed use sites. We are constantly in search of new opportunities and actively tender on new projects.

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We loyally serve many businesses within the Perth Metropolitan area by assisting with both new installations and ongoing maintenance. Excellent reliable service has allowed Lindquist Electrical to develop longstanding working relationships with commercial firms from all industries.

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We have never forgotten our roots and as such happily serve many domestic clients on a daily basis. Offering our expertise on all aspects of domestic electrical work, we are happy to assist with any jobs that may be required; from changing stubborn bulbs through to commissioning smart wiring systems.

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Other areas of service include:

  • Childcare development
  • Telephone and data installations
  • Home theatre/home automation system installation
  • Pump and bore installation and maintenance
  • General electrical maintenance


Capabilities include:

  • Austel accredited tradesmen
  • C-Bus accredited tradesmen (approved integrators)
  • I-Control accredited tradesmen
  • Green Pillar Connect accredited tradesmen
  • Construction Safety Awareness Training (all staff)
  • In-house machinery for large mains cable installation and haulage
  • In-house machinery for trenching and backfilling/compacting

Licence Number: EC6623